Construction of "Oriental Milan" Keqiao textile to speed up to the forefront of fashion

Issuing time:2018-07-02 11:43

June 29, Keqiao "Oriental Milan" international fashion exhibition center opened.

The Milan Pavilion in Milan, Italy, is also being renovated these days and will open in September during the International Milan Fashion week.

Keqiao District said that the opening of two windows, marking the textile city is accelerating into the forefront of international fashion.

"Keqiao has the largest textile trading center in Asia and the largest textile industry cluster in China, but there are still many gaps compared with some international fashion capitals.

"the relevant responsible person of the Keqiao district government said that in recent years, in accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the traditional textile industry, Keqiao has accelerated the filling of deficiencies and further intensified the cultivation of two hundred billion yuan industries in fashion, creativity, and high-end textiles.

We will speed up the construction of an international fashion, brand and design capital.

In May this year, the Keqiao District launched the Central European Fashion DreamWorks Project in cooperation with the Italian Federation of Fashion Enterprises.

With the first batch of 10 Italian companies to enter the contract, not only brought the world's fashion cradle of the latest creative design, but also opened the bridge with the world's top creative design resources of fashion cooperation new path.

"our goal is to introduce advanced technology, management, talent, and focus on solving Keqiao textile industry independent innovation capacity is not strong, fashion design industry voice is weak, overall in the low end of the industrial value chain.


While doing a good job of introducing articles, Keqiao also borrows the influence of Milan and other big cities in fashion and creative circles, and actively implements the "going out" strategy.

During this autumn's Milan Fashion week, the Milan Pavilion on the Silk Road and Coro Bridge, planned for Milan, Italy, will be unveiled at the same time.

The relevant person in charge of the Creative Industry Service Center of China Light Textile City said that the Milan Pavilion is the first overseas fabric museum in Keqiao, which is a window to display Keqiao's high-end textile industry, and also a platform to attract overseas designers to come to Keqiao to innovate and start businesses.

In the next three years, at least 20 Keqiao textile fabrics, clothing enterprises will exhibit the most high-end and fashionable textile fabrics and clothing design products in the Milan Pavilion.

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