Shaoxing Keqiao tries its best to build "the textile capital of the world"

Issuing time:2018-09-27 11:36

September 20-21, an international global textile industry high-end event-"2018 first World cloth Merchants Conference", held in Keqiao, Shaoxing.

Shaoxing Keqiao is the largest textile industry base in China.

Has including raw materials, textile machinery, fabrics, home textile, clothing, including the entire textile industry chain and the world's largest, most complete textile distribution center-China Textile City (600790, shares bar).

In 2017, the transaction volume of china textile city market group was 164.25 billion yuan, up 9.2% from the same period last year, and the transaction volume of online market was 30.37 billion yuan, 37.5% higher than the same period last year.

At the same time, in 2017, Keqiao District realized 62.1 billion yuan in textile exports, being the first county (city) in Zhejiang Province to export more than $10 billion in a single industry, and successfully establishing a national specialized demonstration base for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

In recent years, Keqiao is committed to creating an "international textile capital," relying on the "industry + base + market" advantage, with the "market evolution" and innovation driven by the Chinese textile city as the lead, vigorously developing textile fashion and creative industries.

In the global textile industry, the market influence and the right to speak continue to improve.

This time, the successful holding of the first World cloth Merchants Conference not only highlights Keqiao's industry voice and influence in the world textile industry system,

It will also help Chinese enterprises to "go out" and promote foreign enterprises to "bring in", thus laying the foundation for global cooperation in the textile industry.

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