Turn to the market, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises of text

Issuing time:2018-11-10 10:36

Under this background, the textile and garment foreign trade enterprises have accelerated the upgrading of the industry, while for the leading textile and garment enterprises that have realized the global capacity allocation, the impact is relatively limited.

Compared with the export-oriented enterprises with domestic production capacity, the leading textile and garment enterprises with global production capacity are relatively less affected by trade friction and have a stronger ability to resist risks.

China is the world's largest exporter of textiles and clothing.

From the perspective of Chinese exports, Chinese textile and garment enterprises have limited dependence on the US market.

In 2017, Chinese textile and apparel exports totaled $268.6 billion, of which 17% were to the United states, still lower than the European union's 18.2%.

And from the point of view of American imports, Chinese textile and garment enterprises are the important suppliers of American garment market.

According to US Customs statistics, US textile and clothing imports from January to November 2017 amounted to US $108.4 billion, of which US $39.4 billion was imported from China, accounting for 36.4% of its total import volume.

Taking individual companies as an example, 02313.HK is Nike's largest clothing supplier, accounting for 12% to 14% of orders.

Large foreign trade textile and garment enterprises have completed the global industrial layout after many years of hard work. For medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, in addition to forcing them to constantly improve their own level in terms of technology, quality, brand, etc.

Objectively, it will speed up a new round of industry reshuffle and promote industrial upgrading.

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