The World cloth Merchants Conference strives to explore a new path of transformation, upgrading, and

Issuing time:2018-10-13 00:00

The 2018 World cloth Merchants Conference will be held in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, from 20 to 21 September, with the participation of well-known enterprises, top fashion institutions, industry associations and design schools from more than 20 countries.

Nearly 1,000 leading figures in the textile industry jointly discussed the current situation and future of the world textile industry, and promoted the establishment of a cooperative system for the "Belt and Road" textile industry chain and the docking and cooperation of international production capacity and quality projects.

Sun Ruizhe, head of the China Textile Industry Federation, said at a press conference held earlier at the 2018 World cloth Merchants Congress that.

There are three trends in the transformation of China's textile industry: first, it is necessary to promote the "import" and "go out" of the industry, strengthen the opening and cooperation of innovative capabilities, and actively promote the cross-border flow of resources such as products, production capacity, technology, capital, and talents.

Full integration and utilization of global resources to achieve synergistic development.

The second is to face the future, strengthen product innovation, strengthen key common technologies and leading-edge technology research and development, improve the application of related results in products, enhance product development capabilities;

Relying on the Internet of things, big data, AI and other technological developments to constantly change the production model, business model, to promote the industry intelligent, service-oriented transformation.

Third, based on the gene roots of culture, deepen the exploration, research and application of cultural elements, enrich product categories, enhance cultural value, aesthetic value and market value.

With regard to the convergence of characteristic industries, in the various innovation parks under the industrial innovation service complex, a large number of clothing brands, such as "Haoqi-hua-ju," Jima-Liangsi, "Prime-color digital," as well as creative enterprises of textile fabrics and various kinds of design talents are gathered.

Keqiao District textile industry creative design base like a magnet, always attracting the attention of domestic and foreign businessmen.

Under the background of the new era of textile, Keqiao District takes the industrial innovation service complex as the carrier, promotes the traditional textile industry fashion, cultivates the fashion brand, expands the fashion consumption, leads the fashion tidal current, positively constructs take the fashion as the characteristic competition new superiority.

Strive to become a textile R & D creative highland, fashion distribution center, intelligent textile base.

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