The strength and elongation of air covered yarn increases with the increase of the pre-draft ratio of spandex. When the draft reaches a certain value, the retraction of spandex yarn makes the outer fiber curl; with the increase of the predraft ratio, the percentage of spandex decreases.
The degree of crimp of outer fiber is great.
However, when the draft is too large, the range of spandex yarn deformation is close to the critical value of deformation, the strength and elongation of the covered yarn will decrease, but it is conducive to the evenness of the covered yarn.
The phenomenon of deformation varying with time under the action of constant draft force is called creep.
The conventional coated yarn has the best creep resistance when the pre-draft of spandex yarn is 3.5 times.
Specific to adjust according to the use and its downstream fabric style appropriate adjustment.

Spandex Air Covered Yarn


Spandex Covered Yarn

Increasing twist can increase the bonding force between the covered fiber and spandex yarn, so that the strength of the covered yarn can be improved. The twist is too low, the outer fiber is loose, the covering effect is affected, and the core is exposed, so the twist should be too high in the mechanical coating.

Chenille yarn


henille usually used as decorative cloth. The ingredient is chenille yarn, including: viscose chenille, acrylic chenille, cotton chenille, polyester chenille and so on. Chenille yarn, also known as Chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It is spun by using two strands as the core yarn and twisting the feather yarn in the middle. Generally, there are chenille products such as viscose/nitrile, cotton/polyester, viscose/cotton, nitrile/polyester, viscose/polyester, etc.

Chenille decoration products can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets, carpets, wall decorations, curtains and curtains and other decorative accessories in the city.

Wool yarn


Wool is one of the earliest natural fibers used in weaving by humans. It has a high output and a wide variety of woolen fabrics. It is the main raw material for the wool spinning industry. It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong moisture absorption, good warmth retention, etc. It can be used to make textile fabrics, woolen fabrics, woolen threads, blankets, felts and other household and industrial products.

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